Welcome to Crochet Heaven

FeaturedWelcome to Crochet Heaven

Bill Mortley_Ava_17.12.2014-7740Welcome to the possibilities!

Welcome to the Artistic expression of CROCHET…

Exotic Crochet Designs has “de-grandma-fied” the beautiful entwining of balls of thread, once, only thought to grace the backs and arms of chairs and placed them on the bodies of humans…

we have EVOLVED from doilies to clothes, shoes and MANY MORE!!

Allow us to “Crochetfy” your world!

Let us deck your house with beautiful accessories… Choose a room and see the possibilities.

Crochet is no longer one-dimensional !





You see a ball we see a MASTERPIECE waiting to be hooked!

Let us make your FASHION dreams come true with CROCHET!!!