Multi National? No problem

“To travel the world and experience new things is what i call living”- Ava Noellien

Exotic crochet designs what you think is impossible…

Being Multi- National or Multi- Cultural is no problem

We will incorporate your country’s flag or colors in an item as Unique as you.

This specific item was made for a Jam-Lucian baby 6 months old

(don’t mind the top it’s just stretched by the hanger)
Multi- National Crochet Dress, 6 mth old

The dress starts off with a white body, it  incorporates the flags of Jamaica and St. Lucia in a simultaneous series as a waistband highlighted in black . it then goes on to encapsulate the colors of each flag in a layered  ruffle skirt.

The concept of this piece was designed by Ava Wilson- Noellien and selected by the buyer.

Get yours today. @exoticcrochetdesigns


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